8. Water Creatures from Japanese Mythology and Folklore

Now it’s Your Turn

In the comments, please ask questions or make suggestions that will help the cartographer improve the map. Key things to think about include:

  • Does the map orient the viewer?
  • Does the data tell a story?
  • Does the map support the story being told?
  • Does the map make assumptions?
  • How could the map be more readable?
  • Are there any errors or typos?
  • sarah dorrance

    I really like this map. Bravo!

  • Melissa Brooks

    Great topic, love the concept and story, my input is just around font choices, I think come more script styled fonts at font sizes that fill up the page a bit more would help sell the Japanese theme of the map. Love it.

  • David Gibbs

    This is such a cool idea and the monster descriptions are really well written. However, there is a lot of empty space. Maybe it could be populated with monster images or stylized waves.

  • Cute. Maybe add “number of sightings”? (a joke, but use popularity…)

  • Daniel

    Very cool map, with some nice points in the legends! Minor comments in admiration: does it make sense to show lakes a bit? monsters ar e often related to the specific dangers that rise from the seas: is the threats of waves against the coast somehow related to the monsters? can you maybe give these guys dates? has Tokyo been set afire by Gojira? It is too bad that you can’t depict that fire-breathing reptile, but the notion that you don’t for copyright reasons is cute. I wonder if the threats and dangers from the waves can be better suggested, however, than by empty blue space around island. Light grey canvas is nice, but ESRI is contrasts with hand-drawings of monsters from deep.