26. Parched in Paradise

Now it’s Your Turn

In the comments, please ask questions or make suggestions that will help the cartographer improve the map. Key things to think about include:

  • Does the map orient the viewer?
  • Does the data tell a story?
  • Does the map support the story being told?
  • Does the map make assumptions?
  • How could the map be more readable?
  • Are there any errors or typos?
  • Eric Nost

    I really like this map!

    Does the map orient the viewer? Yes, I like how the study sites ring around the locator map at the center of the image.
    Does the data tell a story? That atolls are more vulnerable? It’s unclear at first why there’s a need to distinguish the different island types. Maybe place a smaller version of the appropriate icon (representing the volcano or the atoll) within the name/vulnerability header for each island.
    Does the map support the story being told? It’s hard to see the project 1m sea level rise on each of the maps either because they’re at such a small cartographic scale (Viti Levu) or because 1m SLR constitutes the entire island (Fongfale). What about zooming into a case from each island?
    Are there any errors or typos?
    -In the paragraph on vulnerability, “islands” should be “island’s”

  • Chuck Clark

    Lovely detail, and nice choice of the casual font for your titles.

    Consider adding a key for the the acronym definitions. You dropped them parenthetically into a sentence (at the upper left) This reguires the viewer to search for them.

    Note a grammatical glitch (in the first sentence under Vulnerability Index): Water resources do not “threaten”! LACK of water resources may threaten, but water resource itself does not do the threatening. Consider rewording.

    The next sentence has a typo: Add a possessive apostrophe to “islands” (should be “island’s”).

  • Jessica Norriss

    Have to admit this took me quite a while to step through and digest, but it’s a great analysis and rich in information!
    The lines of sea level rise are the only sections that weren’t as easy to see and might not be worth including? but otherwise love it!

    (but agree with Chuck’s comment about acronym definitions)

  • busy, but I like!

  • Aly DeGraff Ollivierre

    Nice! I love the graphics, you should consider taking that beautiful blue from the ocean in the island graphics and using it across the board as your ocean for consistency. I’d also recommend throwing that same island green over your grey hillshades and toning the contrast on the HS a bit. Lots of great info here, I’m also a fan of the font, awesome job overall!

    • ├ůse Mitchell

      ooh that’s a good idea, I’ll test it out!