34. Defending Sacred Water: The Dakota Access Pipeline in Context

Now it’s Your Turn

In the comments, please ask questions or make suggestions that will help the cartographer improve the map. Key things to think about include:

  • Does the map orient the viewer?
  • Does the data tell a story?
  • Does the map support the story being told?
  • Does the map make assumptions?
  • How could the map be more readable?
  • Are there any errors or typos?
  • This is an EXCELLENT map. I was able to be brought up to speed on the whole situation within two minutes of reading the map text and visualizing the map. Very well balanced. Some minor typos in the text but that can be rectified. I would also add source for the text information. Well done.

  • Monika Roy

    Great map! There is a lot of information here, but it is readable. Some minor comments:
    -The text box outlined in white at the top isn’t defined in the legend. Is there a reason why it is that color?
    -I would make the other neighboring Native American reservations color a little darker so it is more distinct from the background color.

    -Since this issue is so recent, are there any updates that could be added since October?

  • Erica Milwain

    I really like this map! There is plenty of easy to understand information on it and it doesn’t seem crowded. You have dared to use some bold color combinations which give the map extra impact.

  • Danilo Pereira Sato

    A very interesting map. I do not have any suggestion to add.