35. Sao Paolo: A Water Dystopia

Now it’s Your Turn

In the comments, please ask questions or make suggestions that will help the cartographer improve the map. Key things to think about include:

  • Does the map orient the viewer?
  • Does the data tell a story?
  • Does the map support the story being told?
  • Does the map make assumptions?
  • How could the map be more readable?
  • Are there any errors or typos?
  • Monika Roy

    Very interesting map! Some questions/comments:
    -Text: The word “crisis” in your first sentence is confusing. Can you clarify this? I would removed the sentence “The city had grown over its rivers in the last century” and instead edit the next sentence to “As the city expanded, many rivers were buried or channeled. Accompanied with a growing population now occupying flood plains, water quality and water supply issues increased.” What do you mean by “superficial” waters – that these waters are not the original waters that flowed over the land, or that they are surface waters? I would clarify this or use a different word.
    -The city border lines in the legend (grey) look like the state border lines on the map (grey). Can you change the legend color to black?
    -The forest cover color and the green water quality color are confusing. Can you distinguish these?
    -The buried river color are the bad water quality colors are confusing (even though the buried rivers have dotted lines, it is small on the map). Can you distinguish these?
    -Distance legend: can you put miles and km on the same line? If not, only use one.

    • Danilo Pereira Sato

      Hi Monika, thanks for the suggestions. I will try to incorporate most of them.

  • Bernardo Loureiro

    Great map! I would put the water quality index circles over the flood zones layer, to make it easier to read. I would also align the top left text to the left for easier reading.

    • Danilo Pereira Sato

      Thanks, I will try it

  • use lines, not colors for urban expansion. add a smaller map with spatial dis of wealth levels

    • Danilo Pereira Sato

      Hi David. Thanks for the suggestion, I will try to incorporate it