Water: An Atlas
Call for Maps
Round 2, 2016

Round 2 has now ended

The 2nd Call for Maps has ended! If you just missed the deadline but would still like to submit a map, please email, and we may be still able to accept your submission.

Guerrilla Cartography is seeking additional maps about water to include in Water: An Atlas. We are also seeking map-idea submissions and volunteer cartographers to bring those ideas to life!

After accepting and editing a number of excellent maps over the past months and working with contributors from around the world, we have begun curating the atlas and are now accepting more submissions to fill in the gaps and round out the subject matter.

We aim to publish Water: An Atlas in late Spring, 2017.

We seek contributions of maps and ideas that tell a story based on solid data from current or recent research (including historical data and investigation), with an emphasis in the following subjects, themes, and locations:

  • Place/Location
  • Management, Control, and Use
  • Consumption
  • Water Rights
  • Pollution
  • Climate/Climate Change
  • Conservation
  • Imagination/Origins/Fantasy

See our Chapter Definitions page for details on each chapter definition and examples of maps that would fit in each category and our Timeline page to see our deadlines and when we plan to review and edit the maps.

We are especially seeking maps from and about non-Western areas of the world (i.e. places in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Pacific Islands), but will continue to accept maps from and about anywhere on the globe.

Please forward this Call for Maps to all those who would be interested in contributing to this project. In addition, if you have seen a map that you think should be included in the atlas but which you are not the author of, please send us a link to the map and as much information about it as possible so we can follow up with the author.

Idea/Cartographer Pairings

Guerrilla Cartography will pair idea submitters with volunteer cartographers. Idea submitters will be responsible for providing usable and reliable data sources to complete the map. Cartographers will work with idea submitters to tell the story of the data in a compelling way. Guerrilla Cartography will match idea submitters and cartographers based on content interest, language competencies, and compatibility of time zones. You may submit as many ideas as you wish as long as you are able to supply adequate and appropriate data. Sign-ups for ideas and cartographer volunteers will end on Monday September 12, after which you will be paired up into teams and expected to turn in a first draft of your map by Monday October 31, 2016.The editors of Water: An Atlas will have graphic editorial rights over any resulting cartographic works. If you have any questions, please contact us at


Due Monday, September 12, 2016
Deadline passed. You will be asked to include your name; city, state/province, and country of residence; working language preference; email; a description of your idea; and a description of your data source(s). By submitting an idea you commit to providing data and/or doing additional research as needed to complete the map with your paired cartographer. Note: When you submit your idea you will be given the option of indicating that you would like to be the cartographer for your idea.


Due Monday, September 12, 2016
Deadline passed. You will be asked to include your name; city, state/province, and country of residence; working language preferences; email; and a description of your cartography experience and/or skills.


Due Monday, October 31, 2016
Deadline passed. You may submit as many maps as you wish as long as you are able to supply adequate and appropriate data. By submitting a map you are giving graphic editorial rights to the editors of Water: An Atlas. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Complete this online form and submit a pdf file attachment of your map. Please use the file name convention:
“R2_D1_YourLastName_MapSubject.pdf” (example: “R2_D1_Smith_ChinaDams.pdf”).

Submission guidelines:

  • Required elements
  • Title
  • Author(s)
  • Basic source listing
  • Legend
  • Map image size should be 11”x11”

Other optional elements:

  • Directional Arrow (e.g. north arrow, south arrow) where needed or desired
  • Scale bar (where appropriate; if including, use both miles and kilometers)
  • Locator map (if your mapped area is smaller than country-level only)
  • Projection statement – You do not need to include a projection statement on the map, as we plan to include this information in the notes section of the atlas. Please send us your projection details in your email.


  • Typefaces should distinguish between natural and cultural features (i.e. serif for natural features, sans-serif for cultural features, or vice-versa)
  • Minimum typeface size of 7 pts

Supporting text:

  • Should appear on the map
  • Should tell the “story” of the map
  • Should be concise
  • Include definitions of any keywords
  • Briefly explain the map and its phenomena

As a project of Guerrilla Cartography, Water: An Atlas is a non-profit venture and will be published by crowd-funding and grants. Money raised to fund the project will be put toward printing and binding. The purchase price will be kept minimal to make the atlas accessible and any net proceeds generated from sales will go to fund the activities of Guerrilla Cartography (a California-registered non-profit), which includes the future publication of theme-based atlases and those activities outlined in our mission statement and purpose (see