Nonprofit Guerrilla Cartography Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Water: An Atlas

Guerrilla Cartography, a cartographic arts organization, announces crowd-funding campaign for its second project, Water: An Atlas

Oakland, Calif. — Guerrilla Cartography, a cartographic arts organization and creator of Food: An Atlas, has announced a Kickstarter campaign for its sister project, Water: An Atlas. A collection of more than 80 maps, Water: An Atlas is a crowdsourced atlas that portrays water trends, usage issues and global events all created by volunteer cartographers from around the world.

“Our crowdsourced projects exemplify the power of collaboration,” says Darin Jensen, Guerrilla Cartography founder and president.

All Guerrilla Cartography board members and contributors are volunteers, and as such the organization seeks to raise at least $25,000 for printing and binding purposes. Similar to Food: An Atlas, a physical copy of the atlas will be available for purchase online, and it will also be available as a free downloadable PDF. Sales of the atlas help to fund our ongoing map education and future atlas publications.

Water: An Atlas is partially supported by a grant from the Furthermore: a program of the the J.M. Kaplan Fund. If we beat our goals, additional funds will be used to support Guerrilla Cartography’s activities and mission, including distributing more atlases to schools and libraries around the world.

Now in its final layout phase, Water: An Atlas brings together maps and data visualizations of physical, political and even imaginative water phenomena. Topics featured in the atlas include North Korean drought and flooding patterns, the Dakota Access Pipeline, disappearing lakes in Bangalore, and potential water savings in California through the use of aquaponic systems.

As a registered California 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Guerrilla Cartography is committed to a free and open distribution of information. Because part of our mission is to promote accessible and creative knowledge-caching, we also donate a portion of our physical books to local schools and libraries.

About Guerrilla Cartography: Founded on the idea that a new paradigm for cooperative and collaborative knowledge-sharing could have a transformative effect on the awareness and dissemination of spatial information, nonprofit Guerrilla Cartography formed in 2012 to create Food: An Atlas. The food atlas was an experiment in cartography and publishing, and had map submissions from researchers and cartographers from around the globe. Following its success, Guerrilla Cartography returns to create Water: An Atlas. An initial call for maps was released to the public in 2015 and the atlas is now in its final layout phase.

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