41. Pink Salt Lake

Now it’s Your Turn

In the comments, please ask questions or make suggestions that will help the cartographer improve the map. Key things to think about include:

  • Does the map orient the viewer?
  • Does the data tell a story?
  • Does the map support the story being told?
  • Does the map make assumptions?
  • How could the map be more readable?
  • Are there any errors or typos?
  • John_H_Kelly

    Creative idea, and nicely designed map, with artistic but unobtrusive integration of map and images. Anyone who has ever flown into San Francisco’s airport will find this interesting! Two suggestions: 1. I don’t think the “Lake Name/Country” “legend” is necessary (and certainly the double hexagon figure is distracting). Perhaps this square could be replaced with: 2. A bit of text about the DYNAMICS of salt lakes. Are there more of them than there used to be? If so, is it because of some human intervention and/or resource extraction? That sort of thing.

  • Aly DeGraff Ollivierre

    I agree that this is such an interesting subject, I want more text! That said, I love the layout, the pictures are a wonderful companion to the map without being obtrusive. Consider labeling each country once instead of underneath the lake name, especially for Australia! I also agree that the legend isn’t necessary and that’s valuable space for more information/photos.

  • Chuck Clark

    Are these lakes the reason why some (most?) flamingos are pink? If so, that might be a good topic for more text.

  • sarah dorrance

    I like this map visually, with its clearly stated text. I say let people ponder the pink salt lakes and don’t see the need for more text.
    I suggest labelling Australia in the center and not with every lake.
    I would remove the hex area and add another visual.
    I might say ‘these’ rather than ‘the’ lakes are not always pink.

  • make the lakes bigger and pink and outline the globe, so it’s les s overwhelming