Guerrilla Cartography

Guerrilla Cartography is a loose band of cartographers, researchers, and designers intent on widely promoting the cartographic arts and facilitating an expansion of the art, methods, and thematic scope of cartography, through collaborative projects and disruptive publishing. Read more.
Drowning in Fast Food
Global Almond Trade and California
Securing Food and Frontiers in Okinawa Japan

The Atlases

Food: An Atlas is a collection of crowdsourced maps that examine the themes of food production, distribution, security, and identity. The maps range in scale from the hyper-local to the global. The atlas was published in January, 2013.
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Purchase Food: An Atlas printed and bound in full color, and all proceeds benefit Guerrilla Cartography, a registered nonprofit corporation.

Download Food: An Atlas as an 84.5 MB PDF licensed under Creative Commons. Use and reuse the maps to inspire others with cartography.

In the Media

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